Roman Roads

The traditional view of Roman roads is that they proceed in straight lines, and that they change direction at the crests of hills. Actually, there are probably more exceptions to that rule than one might care to list, but the principle isn't a bad one. It's also appropriate for what I want to say. Here, to illustrate the 'traditional' point is a photo of a section of Roman road in the Bowland Fells near here.


Recently, we held a Christian conference here in Lancaster. It was called 'New Wine Local: Landmark' (or something like that). It proved, as the name suggests, to be a 'landmark' in many people's lives.

I was part of the team running the event, though my role didn't prove too onerous - I just had to monitor health and safety in one of the buildings. It meant long days, but also allowed me to take part in most of the sessions - though it was a little odd trying to listen to the speaker with one ear whilst monitoring the radio net for 'safety-related' messages with the other!

I'm not a huge fan of being preached at, and I realised during the weekend that what I really enjoy about the 'New Wine experience' was missing: camping together. There's something about camping with a bunch of close friends which really takes some beating! I did make new friends though, which was very nice. I didn't really engage very well with the teaching to begin with, until Marcus (one of the aforementioned new friends) prayed for me at the end of one of the sessions on Saturday. After that, things changed, and I began to engage with the talks and the ministry more fully.

There was a feeling, as the weekend went on, of having climbed up a hill, of having reached the top, and realising that my 'road' was changing direction at that point - a 'landmark moment'. Since then, I have had a lot of thinking to do - of which more anon, in another post or two… Once I've got it 'straight enough' in my head to write it down in a way which makes sense. But, suffice it to say, for now, that I have reached a sort of summit (even though it may turn out to be a sort of 'false crest' and there may be more climbing ahead) and changed direction.

Though I'm stupidly tired, life does feel like rather less of an uphill struggle than of late. At last!

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