And Now For Something Completely Different...

(with apologies to Monty Python's Flying Circus!)

In a moment of madness, I pre-ordered the starter boxed set for Warlord Games' new Sci-Fi game "Beyond the Gates of Antares". This morning, it arrived.†I am supposed to be a mature, sensible, historical wargamer... So why the heck am I as excited as an eight-year-old on Christmas morning?†

The box is smaller (but much heavier) than I'd expected. The overall package and the contents look great.


Upon opening the heavy, densely packed box and lifting out some of the contents, this is what you get:


At least, this is what you get if you pre-ordered - I think the 'regular' order doesn't get the signed print, the piece of MDF scenery (made by Sarissa Precision), or the two metal models. I am impressed.

The rulebook is gorgeous - full-colour, and well laid out. I am already somewhat familiar with the rules, having read the beta edition several times (mainly looking for ideas to steal!), and it promises to be a fun game. The dice, templates, etc, are of excellent quality. The two metal models are very nicely sculpted and cast. The plastic sprues are clean and well-detailed.†

All in all, it looks like 'the real deal', and is recommended, at least based on a first look.

I have lots and lots of questions in my mind right now… How am I going to paint the figures - use the dip or go back to more traditional methods (I'm not sure the 'flat' plates on the Ghar walkers will take the 'dip' very well)? What sort of setting am I going to play in - a grassy field seems rather passť? How am I going to base the figures - clear acrylic appeals at the moment - it is suitably 'hi-tec' looking and is very forgiving of different settings?

Back to my Epirote phalangites, at least while I think!!

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