Annual Review

At this time of year, I usually do a ‘review of the year’ - looking back at what I’ve achieved, wargaming-wise, over the past 12 months or so. This year has, on most fronts, been a real struggle, so this is going to be very short, and nothing like so well considered or well-written as usual.

The year has, in some ways, been defined by loss. My father, my step-mother-in-law, and two former members of my gaming group have all died; i also lost my painting mojo, but that’s of small consequence in comparison.

I have ‘turned a corner' though, and am beginning to get things back together. My mojo has returned, more or less (though I still have to force myself to paint sometimes, I enjoy it once I’ve started, so long as I keep at it).

I have ‘finished’ my Old West project - other than adding ‘odds and ends’ as they take my fancy.

I’ve painted a hundred or two figures for my ‘Pyrrhus in Italy’ project, since September.

I’ve started a new project - Beyond the Gates of Antares by Warlord Games.

Keith and Adam from Aventine Miniatures are releasing some new Sassanids, so I am starting to ‘update’ the infantry in my army for ‘Fire in the East’ - hopefully, I’ll have that done in time to play a ‘big’ game at Partizan with Simon Miller and Harry Sidebottom. The figures they’re replacing may well be available for sale in due time, if anyone is interested.

Around that time, I shall cease to be churchwarden (I will have reached the maximum allowable term of six years), which will free my weekends up a bit more - so, once the month of May has come and gone, expect to see me around the shows more than in recent years!

So that’s it really - looking back and looking ahead.

A photo of my completed ‘Concord C3’ infantry, which I finished about ten minutes ago, may appear later today, if I can get a decent photo.

Happy New Year!!!

Copyright Dr. P.C. Hendry, 2010