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Beginning a Tower


Here are the walls of the first tower, which I've just finished cutting out. No floors yet! I've got to decide whether to make the top separate, so I can put figures inside, or make it solid, and then use cardboard 'floor-plans' on a side table to represent the inner rooms - which requires a modicum of mental gymnastics when playing the game, but avoids the need to lift floors off, with the concomitant risk of dropping figures on the floor. …

The First Wall Section


All the bits from last night, stuck together with PVA glue, and pinned (just while the glue dries) to hold it all in place. It's a good, solid, but very light, structure. Obviously, it isn't finished - it needs detailing, texturing and painting. I'm just starting to mark out the pieces of the first interval tower now.

Dura - The Beginnings


Here's the start of my first go at some 'Middle Eastern' city/fortress walls. The battlements are pure conjecture.

Napoleonic Thoughts

I have been reading, and thinking hard, since my last post. I have a number of 'fundamental' questions to answer before I can really get on with this project.

First of all, I'm fairly sure I want a 'tactical' game - with no more than a division a side involved (if I want bigger games, I'd prefer to use my 6 mm collection). …

British Napoleonic Colonels



Here are the first 28mm Napoleonics I've painted since about 1977! Victrix British Peninsular Colonels. They're painted in my usual fashion - white primer, block painted (the black areas received a dark grey highlight at this stage), and then painted with Army Painter 'Strong Tone' QuickShade. …

Progress - slow but steady!

Sorry, I haven't updated for a couple of weeks. I've been busy with real life stuff. Last weekend was our church weekend away- 260 of us taking over an entire hotel in the Lake District for the weekend meant that, as churchwarden, I had a fair bit to do. The weekend was a roaring success, but coupled with a lot of meetings afterwards, I think I overdid it, and haven't felt very well since about Wednesday (when my last meeting was). …

Empire: Fortress of Spears

Fortress of Spears

I received several books for Christmas, including Anthony Riches' 'Empire: Fortress of Spears'. I wasn't very complimentary about Tony's first book, quite happy with the second, and blown away by this one. This is definitely his best yet. In my personal ranking of historical fiction authors, it places him ahead of Scarrow and Cornwell, though he'd have to go some to catch

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