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Here are the last models from the Gates of Antares starter set - the Ghar battle-suits, plus ‘dismounted’ Fartok.

Painting was all done in my usual way, except that, as with the first battle-suit, I used a slightly less ‘flat’ matt varnish - Vallejo instead of Testors’ Dull Cote; that meant that the metallic colours retain just enough ‘lustre’ to look metallic - with Dull Cote they have a tendency to look like grey and fawn paint.

Concord Drones


And here are the drones...

The magnetised, swappable, weapons work well, so it's all good.

Next up on the workbench, Fartok and the remaining five Ghar battle-suits; once they're done, that'll be the painting done for the starter boxed set.

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