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Hansa Nairoba and Bovan Tuk


Here are my two latest figures from the ‘Beyond the Gates of Antares’ range from Warlord Games. Hansa Nairoba and Bovan Tuk are a pair of mercenaries who fight for the ‘Freeborn’ faction. One, Hansa Nairoba (on the left of the photo), had a simple scheme, but required some tricky highlighting; whilst the other, Bovan Tuk, looked complicated, but simple to paint (other than the sheer number of paint shades needed!). …

More Monolith Ruins


Here’s my latest modelling and painting - the last three Monolith designs ruins.

More Concord - probably the last


I have painted some more Concord - probably the last - I have plenty of variety now, for a small skirmish game. I have constructed a gallery for my Antares models - see it here.

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