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The Undertakers' set from Great Escape Games, with coffins and Undertaker's set from Frontline Wargaming. Painted in my usual dippy fashion, and intended to provide occupants for 4Ground's Undertaker's Shop.


Water troughs from Frontline Wargaming.



I am, at present, working on an article for Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy. I don't really want to spoil the 'surprise', by telling you all about it, so you'll have to make do with one picture for now!



These are Aventine Miniatures new Parthian/Early Sassanid cataphracts. Lovely models! They're further on than this now - I've made quite a bit of progress - they're assembled and based, and almost ready for priming. The sabot bases are built, primed and ready for painting - this evening's job perhaps.



Here is my first based building for Second Chance City. It's based on some thin (3mm, sold to me as 2mm) MDF. The only difficulty lay in preventing it warping - basically, I found that so long as I did the same to the underside as I did to the top - glue, paint, etc, it would return to reasonable flatness as it dried. …

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