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Law Enforcement


Here are the last three buildings on their bases - gallows, Marshal's Office and Sheriff's Office.

The next task is to add window glass to all the buildings which don't already have glass, and two hanging ropes to the gallows. Can I remember how to tie a hangman's knot? More to the point, do I have the dexterity to tie it in a piece of thin twine?

Finished Buildings


I have been madly making bases for the buildings - largely to make set-up easier. I've also made 'final' versions of the building signs - printed on top-quality paper, then laminated in matt pockets and cut out to fit. Just three to go - Sheriff's, Marshal's and the gallows.


Undertaker's Shop

Photo 15

Here's my version of the 4Ground Undertaker's Shop. Titivated, paint touched up, based, etc.

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