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The Caspian Gates

The Caspian Gates Cover

Since 'upgrading' to Version 2 of 'Sandvox', I've had all sorts of trouble. That's partly why there have been so few updates to these pages - that and the kitchen. The kitchen is totally finished now - I put up the new window blind last Thursday. And, at last, I believe I have a build of Sandvox 2 which does everything I need, though I still have a small problem with uploading the site - it seems, randomly, to upload the whole site instead of just the changes - annoying if it does that when all one was doing was correcting a spelling error!

Ancient Warfare

Ancient Warfare volume V, issue 3 arrived yesterday. The theme of this issue is 'Rome and the Sassanid Empire' - a subject which those of you who've been following this blog for a while will know, is of great interest to me. There are lots of interesting articles - from a discussion about soldiers and Sassanid society through to a lovely photo-article of a re-enactor dressed as a Sassanid horseman. …

Plastic Scorpiones


Here is Warlord Games' new plastic model, the scorpio. Each set of legionaries now includes a sprue containing one of these. They're probably the nicest scorpiones on the market. The sprue contains a variety of extra bits too - a quiver of 'bolts', some 'sudes' (palisade stakes), and a set of Optio's feathers (I kid you not!) - as well as the scorpio, two crew, and plenty of heads and arms. …

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