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Syrian Houses



Here are the houses I've been working on. They're a bit plain as yet - they need some staining and weathering (as do the walls), and probably some details too, but as someone pointed out, though they're aimed at the third century AD, there's nothing to stop me using them right up to the present day, so I need to be a little bit careful about, for instance, putting amphorae (Roman wine jars) on the roofs, or anything like that. …

Shock! Horror!!

Hello there! After possibly the longest hiatus in my gaming life, I seem to be back. And back, perhaps unsurprisingly, to Romans again. There really is nothing to compare with Romans, as far as I'm concerned.

On my workbench at the moment, are the 3rd century 'Syrian' townhouses I was working on back in early December last year. …

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