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3rd Century Roman General



I've often felt that my 3rd century Roman general/emperor had a rather rough deal, compared to his Sassanid counterpart (mounted on his rather splendid pachyderm), cantering around by himself. So, this week, I found a couple of spare cavalrymen, and painted them up as Praetorians, or Equites Singulares, or something like that. …



It's only taken me four years or something, but finally, I've got around to making a sabot base for one of my British chieftains. This model, by Warlord Games, is a tribute to Angus MacBride, and is taken from one of the plates in the Peter Wilcox Osprey he illustrated. I painted the model way back, just before Warlord released it, but just never got around to basing it, until now!

Pyrrhus and a Standard Bearer



Keith from Aventine Miniatures very kindly gave me a figure, horse and standard to make a standard-bearer for Pyrrhus, and here it is, finished. Transfers on shield and standard are by Little Big Men Studios.

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