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Ho Hum!

I'm stuck. I've painted the first unit of Hastati for my Pyrrhic War project, but I can't finish them off. I was down to the dregs of a pot of Quick Shade, and when I shook it up I found that it was more or less dry and 'un-reconstitutable', so I ordered another. That is now officially 'lost in the post', so my supplier has (as of this morning) despatched another pot. …



Perry Miniatures' very fine Wars of the Roses Bombard model.

Warts 'n' All!

Even in my little world, things don't always go according to plan. This may come as a surprise to some of you, who see me as some sort of painting automaton, churning out unit after unit. The past couple of days, since returning from Partizan, have been anything but productive, and I have been forced to have a bit of a rethink. …

Caption Competition?

Caption Competition?

Messrs Hyde, Priestley (The Weasel), Stallard (trying to hide) and Sawyer playing with my toys in John's marvellous wargames room. But what is Henry doing and what is The Weasel saying?

This is going to be good...

This weekend (Sunday actually) is 'The Other Partizan MMX' at Kelham Hall near Newark on Trent. Col Speirs and I are putting on a demo game, using 'AVGVSTVS to AVRELIAN' and my collection of Sassanid Persians and 3rd Century Romans. I hope to see some of you there - please do come and say hello!

Before that though, Col and I are heading to Nottingham. …

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