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Here, at last, are the lanciarii I have been planning on doing for so long! They're 'bog standard' A&A Miniatures Third Century Romans, from a variety of packs, with javelin cases cast by Matt of Elhiem Figuresfrom a master made by yours truly. There's a fair bit of debate over the nature of lanciarii. …

A Viking!


This is the free figure which came with pre-orders for Gripping Beast's new 'Saga' 'Viking Age' skirmish rules. Yes, I am sad, I pre-ordered the rules - although, in my defence, I did think long and hard, and nearly didn't pre-order in time for it to be a pre-order at all. Bill 'Musketeer Miniatures

Line Breakers


Here are Warlord Games' latest British/Celtic figures - 'Line Breakers'. They're a fun idea - the notion being that of fanatical warriors hurling themselves into/onto the enemy line in the hope of making a breakthrough. The figures are superbly sculpted and vigorously animated. They have separate heads, so I 'equipped' four of them with the original heads, and four of them with heads from the

Make Sure You're Sitting down...


...I wouldn't want anyone fainting from shock! I have painted a unit of figures, as I hope you can see. You can also see them in the Third Century Roman Photo Albumand the following page. The figures are, of course, from A&A Miniatures, and jolly nice they are too!

It took me a while to decide to do this 'unit' - and I'm not sure what sort of unit it'll be either - will it be skirmishers or formed troops? …

An Odd Question

This does, perhaps, seem a little odd, but it's something I've been thinking about for ages and ages (since starting the 'Fire in the East' project), and have tried to research, unsuccessfully, on more than one occasion.

Following the success of the siege game Paul and I put on yesterday, I find that I

The Other Partizan MMXI

Yesterday was The Other Partizan MMXI at Kelham Hall, Newark. Paul Darnell and I put on a game loosely titled 'Vespasian in Dorset', which featured some of my Romans and Britons (and my huts) and a set of boards he'd produced depicting a British hill-fort. We played a fairly loose 'kriegspiel-ish' version of AVGVSTVS to AVRELIAN - not least so we didn't have to spend all our time concentrating on the game, and thereby miss out on chatting with each other and the public. …

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