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Shahanshah Iran


I decided to combine my Aventine Miniatures Sassanid King's Jumbo with a couple of the new dismounted noble cavalry, to make a new centre-piece general's vignette for the army. I think it looks suitably colourful! Next time I'm playing a game, I really must remember to photograph the whole army - it's looking quite spectacular now; being quite a bit larger than last time I took a photo of the whole lot.

Warbases - AVGVSTVS to AVRELIAN Tokens


One of my main sources of difficulty, when I first started playing TooFatLardies' games, were that of working out what cards and tokens I needed, and then either sourcing or making same. When I designed AVGVSTVS to AVRELIAN, I was determined to make that step easier for those buying the rules. The cards are bundled, as printable PDFs, with the rules, as is a useable, but not very attractive or robust, set of tokens. …

Viking odds and ends


Here's a Gripping Beast freebie figure (I don't remember what he came free with!), which I found on Sunday and fancied painting. I wasn't feeling well yesterday (I'm still not great), so sitting quietly, painting something simple seemed like a good plan. The shield transfer is, inevitably, from Little Big Men Studios

Dismounted Sassanid Noble Cavalry


(Photos courtesy ofAventine Miniatures)


Aventine Miniatures have just released the first two packs of dismounted Sassanid Savaran. Basically there are three poses, with a lot of different variations of helmets, aventails and the like. The right hands are all empty, and you can use spears, maces (supplied) or swords (which I haven't got any of yet, but they will be supplied). …

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