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More Phalangites


And here is a second unit of Tarentine Phalangites. That is, I think, the last Tarentine levy unit I need. Next for this army will be Epirote phalangites - and a different colour scheme! But I might paint something for the Roman army instead - I haven't decided yet - partly because I finished these quicker than expected.

Etruscan Cavalry


During the period of the wars with Pyrrhus, the Etruscans (from Etruria - mostly modern Tuscany) were allied with Rome, and supplied troops. It's not entirely clear whether they were armed and equipped 'Roman style' or in their own, original 'native' style (which is really an 'Italian take' on Greek hoplite equipment). …

New Photo Albums

I have created two new photograph albums, showing most of the figures I've painted so far for my 'Pyrrhic Victory' project. First, Republican Romans, and then Pyrrhus' army. I have also added one photograph (of some Aventine Miniatures cataphracts) to my 3rd Century Roman album. I've also added a few photos to the

A Pyrrhic Victory


Pyrrhus and a standard bearer

Several years ago, you may recall, I began a project to wargame Pyrrhus' campaigns in Italy. It stalled after a while, largely because I couldn't decide how I was going to 'model' the interaction between the Roman Maniples and the Phalanx - little meets large is hard to make 'work' in wargaming - either you have to game a very small part of a large battle, so as to have the small units (the Maniples in this case) a reasonable size, or else you have to settle for tiny maniples (a couple of figures) which look really silly. …



I have had a year or so of being unable to gain write access to this blog - for which I apologise, for what it's worth.

It has been a difficult year since the last entry, for a number of reasons - not least, losing my father, and three other friends and relatives, during the early months of 2015. …

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