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Here is my first warband for Saga. It's mostly Gripping Beastminiatures, with a few Crusader Miniatures mixed in. The banner and shield transfers are from Little Big Men Studios' Jomsviking set. I'm quite pleased with the way they've turned out.

Thud! Aventine Miniatures Early Imperial Romans

There I was, quietly painting Vikings, disturbing no-one, when a packet thudded onto the doormat. What could it be? Ah, Aventine Miniatures! 16 'Early' Imperial Romans.

I seem to have four packs - command, two packs with pila and one pack with swords. At first glance I'd say not very 'Early' but not 'Middle' either. …

Paint Schemes and Basing

I've just started work on a Viking warband for Saga. Primed and with the chainmail and flesh painted, I'm sitting looking at them, a wee bit stuck. I know what colours I'll use for most things - similar, in essence, to the Romans, Britons and Sassanids that have gone before. But two things are giving me pause for thought.

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