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Sassanid dismounted cavalry again!


Here are the latest figures I've been working on - another two dozen of Aventine Miniatures' lovely dismounted Savaran noble cavalry.  The transfers are from Little Big Men Studios, but I can't find them on the site - presumably an email to Steve will enable you to purchase them should you wish to!




These are a few Vikings, from Gripping Beast, which I've just painted.  I think I need a break from painting - I really didn't enjoy doing them very much, and didn't put enough effort into making them look suitably 'rich' - the latter three particularly, as they're supposed to be Harold Godwinson and his brothers.  …

Dismounted Savaran


I've just realised I hadn't posted any pictures of these guys on my blog!  They're the new Aventine Miniatures dismounted Savaran, which I'm intending to use as assault troops in sieges - and possibly sometimes to 'bolster' the Sassanid infantry during field battles.  Shield transfers are some new ones from Steve at

Spah-Sálár (General, Commander of knights)


Here is Aventine Miniatures' latest release - a Sassanid command set.  Adam has really 'gone to town' on it, and turned what I was expecting to be simply some foot command for the dismounted Sassanid noble Cavalry, into something rather special!  Great fun to paint!  All of which reminds me - I haven't posted any pictures of the dismounted savaran - see the next blog update!

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