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I hope to keep posting updates, but there won't, alas, be any photographs until after my birthday on 22/12. Reason being that I have part-exchanged my old Fuji S7000 for a brand spanking new Fuji HS20 - and most of the part-exchange price is actually my birthday and Christmas presents. In some ways I am sorry to see the S7000 go - it has been a great, and very reliable, camera. …

The Eleventh Hour of the Eleventh Day of...


More Sassanid Jumbos!


Here are another two Aventine Miniatures Sassanid jumbos - albeit with one Gripping Beast crewman (the guy thrusting with the long spear). All the, now usual, details - white primer, bright basecoats, Army Painter Strong Tone, LBMS transfers, Testors' Dull Cote matt varnish. I've stuck another photo in the

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