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Here is another of 4Ground's splendid 'Dead Man's Hand' buildings. Apologies for the poor quality photograph - I'm using Linda's little 'point and shoot' camera, which doesn't do very well at this sort of thing! I'll replace the photo once I get my new camera. The roof is another variant on the 'tar paper' theme - this time held in place with wooden battens (actually made from thick card).

Roman Cataphracts


I've finished the unit of Eastern, 'Later' cataphracts from Aventine Miniatures - intended for my third century army.The unit is made up of the following packs, plus one 'odd' figure to make up 16. I picked these packs because they have most 'late' features.

EIR86a Cataphracts 1 (x2)

EIR89 Cataphracts in scaled hoods levelled kontos

Olympus OM-D EM-5 Digital Camera

91ucus2411L. SL1500

I hadn’t had my most recent camera, a Fuji HS20EXR, very long by my standards - just coming up to two years - but we were not a happy couple - not really suited to each other, though it took a long time to work out that it really did annoy me too much, and that photography simply wan’t fun with it, but often a source of frustration.

Western Figures


Two 'gangs' of figures for Great Escape Games' 'Dead Man's Hand'. First up are the Cowboys.

Then we have the Outlaws.


These are probably the last photos taken with my Fujifilm HS20EXR on this blog, because I have sold it to a friend. It's a good camera, but it doesn't really suit me. I must be a bit thick, because it's taken me almost two years and five thousand shots to work this out! …

Roman Cataphracts

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Long-time followers of this blog will know that there have been two things I've been moaning about being unavailable for my third century Roman army - equites sagittarii and equites cataphractarii. In the past few weeks, Aventine Miniatures have released a fair variety of cataphractarii and contarii for their 'Early Imperial Roman' range (which is aimed primarily at the mid-late 2nd century). …

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