Livery Stable

Here is 4Ground's Livery Stable. I didn't do a great deal of 'titivating' on this model. I touched up and washed the paint on the laser-cut edges; fitted 'glass' in the windows, including a few broken and cracked panes; repainted the floor; added hay and straw to some of the stalls. The two figures included for scale are from 1st Corps' 'Trinity Civilians' set.


I really like this building. It's large and a fairly complex build, which I wouldn't recommend to a beginner, but once it's done it's an iconic piece. It's big enough that I think a simple 'Scene' (to use the Dead Man's Hand term for a scenario) like the introductory 'Stranger' scene could be played out entirely within its walls.


Copyright Dr. P.C. Hendry, 2010