Sassanid Command

Our new rules require a few command figures - to represent the general and his subordinates. I've already done a batch of Roman ones and a couple of Sassanid cavalry commanders, so here are some Sassanid infantry commanders. There are a couple of 'extras'(the chap with the big shield and one of the plainer figures to the right)which will end up commanding two units I'm about to paint - it was easiest to paint them now, because they need more or less the same colour palette as the other command figures, rather than the palette I use for levies.

The rules have, at last, got a working title: "AVGVSTVS to AVRELIAN". I'd been pondering a title for ages, and getting nowhere fast. And then I was thinking about the period they covered, and realised that the period runs roughly from Augustus to Aurelian, and then I realised that those two names were alliterative. We'll probably add a sub-title or strap-line, along the lines of 'Miniature Wargaming during the Roman Principate'.

Copyright Dr. P.C. Hendry, 2010