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Today was Partizan, at Kelham Hall, Newark. Proper 'Partizan weather' (™) - scorching hot and not a cloud in the sky.

All in all a jolly fine weekend. Trundled down to Steve Jones' house in Long Bennington on Saturday morning. Sat around and chewed the fat/set the wargaming world to rights until Guy Bowers arrived, bringing Jasper Oorthuys and Christie Beale (i.e. most of the

I think… I've finished!


I think (or hope?) that AVGVSTVS to AVRELIAN is finished. I put the final (?) touches to the printable version this evening, having added various photos earlier in the day. Grateful thanks to several friends who supplied photos so as to 'ring the changes' from an otherwise unrelenting diet of my 28mm stuff - there are now pictures of 6 mm, 10 mm, and 15 mm figures as well.

And nearer...


The back cover:

Coming ever nearer...


Probably the front cover...

Coming Soon...


To a wargamer near you:

I've been busy, as you can see above. Actually, that isn't the half of it. Page layout for the QRS is complete. The main rules only need one more photograph, which I'm awaiting from a friend. The Army Guides are complete, and just need front and back covers. I need to design an Army Roster sheet, I need to update and 'titivate' the sequence cards and, lastly, I need to write a 'how to' document with details of the best way to print off the cards, view the PDFs, etc! …

My new iMac


My new iMac is in its new home, finally. A traumatic visit to Ikea (aren't they always traumatic?) yesterday, resulted in the purchase of the desk, low unit and new drawer/filing unit seen here. All seems to be working well, and the iMac is now low enough down that I don't get a crick in my neck looking at the top of the screen!

The Antonine Wall


Continuing with the Antonine Wall theme, here is the actual wall itself, looking west from a point just to the west of Rough Castle. This is one of the best-preserved stretches of the wall - the 'slumped' remains of the turf rampart are clearly visible, as is the ditch off to the right. The lilia in the earlier photograph are behind and to the right of the photographer, on the other side of the ditch. …

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