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Here we have a variety of clutter from Ainsty Castings, which I picked up at Triples last weekend.

This stuff is well worth buying - it's pretty nicely cast, with not too many air-bubbles and reasonable detail. I don't think tea chests are actually appropriate for the setting, but given that this is Old West Hollywood-style, I don't really care - they're big enough to provide obstacles and view blocks, and they look fairly reasonable.



Here are theGreat Escape GamesBanditos, which I finished off first thing this morning.

I went to the Sheffield 'Triples' show at the weekend, and acquired various 'odds and ends' of clutter for the town.Stagecoach, tethered horses, a couple more water-troughs, and a host of different bits of 'baggage' and stuff for the shops to sell.

Pinkerton Men


Here is my take on Great Escape Games' 'Pinkerton Men'. Painted in the usual way - starting with a white primer, blocked in base coats, then a brushed-on coat of Army Painter Quick Shade 'Strong Tone', finishing off with a squirt of Testors' Dull Cote. The two figures not wearing dusters are Great Escape Games 'Rogues' - John Bridges and Ely Fergus.

Livery Stable


Here is 4Ground's Livery Stable. I didn't do a great deal of 'titivating' on this model. I touched up and washed the paint on the laser-cut edges; fitted 'glass' in the windows, including a few broken and cracked panes; repainted the floor; added hay and straw to some of the stalls. The two figures included for scale are from 1st Corps' '

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