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Hodden Grey

So, after thinking about the ECW for thirty years or so, I am finally beginning to paint a few figures - specifically Warlord's Scots Frame Gun. I'm mainly planning to do stuff for Northern England in the first civil war - almost certainly Scots Covenanters versus English Royalists - though I'm not aiming to be particularly 'historical' - there may be some anachronistic elements. …

So, what next?

Having 'finished' (well, almost!) Dura Europos, I'm thinking about what next…

At the Phalanx show last weekend, I bought a rather spiffing laser-cut kit for a Roman watchtower from 4Ground. I don't like the roof, but will replace/cover that with something 'better' (i.e. with more texture and looking more 'Roman'). …

The Palmyrene Gate


Here's another picture of the walls - there are a couple more here.



Here is the first photo of the finished model. I do need to base it - to protect the corners as much as anything - they're very susceptible to being bashed. And I need to make a 'cobbled' gate passage, which includes a means of 'propping' the gate in place (since I want it to be removable). But, for the moment, that's it - I've enjoyed making it, particularly the early (design) stages, and the latter stages of painting - but it's been a huge job, and I need a change! …

Dura Europos So Far..


It's coming on. Just deciding whether to add another 'glaze' to some of the stonework, to add a bit more variety - so far there's pale yellow and orange on top of the sand - thinking of adding something greyish. And then I'll need to glue in the doors, floors and shutters.

I ended up going back to the original paint scheme idea - paint it sand, then drybrush up to white - because I couldn't get the wash to work consistently and without really obvious brushstrokes. …

Thinking again...


I decided that (a) the 'old' version of texturing and painting the 'plaster' on the walls was too dark and (b) it was too labour-intensive (paint everything sand, and then dry brush it, twice). So I've had a change of heart - I'm leaving it white, applying a sandy wash, and then a very light, white, dry-brush. …


I have started work again on the walls of Dura Europos. At the moment, I'm slowly adding texture, using textured masonry paint from B&Q. It's slow work, because I need to add it to one face of each model at a time and wait for it to dry before doing another face. It's a matter of painting it on fairly generously, and then stippling all over to remove the brush-strokes.



Keith, from Aventine Miniatures, very kindly gave me their recent models of Pyrrhus and a general. Last night I decided it'd be good to do something other than think about rules. So I assembled and primed them, ready for painting today. So today, while the missus and my daughter watched the Jubilee celebrations, I got on and painted them.

At Last!!!!!


AVGVSTVS to AVRELIAN is available!!!!! Buy it here!

It's been a long haul, but finally, AVGVSTVS to AVRELIAN is available to buy. I think I probably deserve a break at last. The past few weeks have been hectic, to say the least. It ought to be a relief - but instead I'm nervous about how people will receive it.

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