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An Hiatus

Sorry I've been quiet recently. I am up to my eyeballs in DIY. We're having a new downstairs toilet and a new carpet in the living/dining room, so it seemed wise to redecorate at the same time. Last week was mostly spent finding temporary homes for hundreds of books, models, articles of furniture, etc, and then preparing the walls for paint. …

My Sassanid Army - Finished!!!!

My Sassanid Army - Finished!!!!

Here is my Sassanid army - finished! I've added a few units since the last time it was 'finished', but this time it really is finished - this is the army that we'll be using at Partizan in September. 3 elephants, 72 cavalry, 212 infantry and a few odds and ends of command figures - if we're counting 'Olley Points', it's about 400.

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