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Sir John Montgomery


Here are the four figures Dave Imrie gave me at Partizan, from his 'Claymore Castings' range of figures for the Anglo-Scots war of 1388. They're beautiful sculpts (as you'd expect from Paul Hicks), well cast. Shield transfer and flag come from Flags of War - and are very nice, though I found the transfer a bit harder to apply than those by Little Big Men Studio.

Le Tour de France

I don't generally 'do sport' on these pages, other than to mention my swimming from time to time, but with the TV burbling away behind me - the dulcet tones of Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwin commentating on the last day of the Tour, I think I will. When I first started following the tour, way back in the 1980s, I'd never have dreamt that a Brit would win it, and yet here we are - Brad Wiggins in 'Le Maillot Jaune' - the yellow jersey (i.e. having the lowest aggregate time for the whole 3,500 km), and hoping that Mark Cavendish, the world's best sprinter, will win this particular stage. …

Sassanid Officers' Elephant


Here's the jumbo I've been working on. There are a couple more pictures here. It's painted in the usual way - white primer, bright basecoats, then a coat of Army Painter Strong Tone Quickshade. The transfers are from Little Big Men Studios.

English Civil Wars


Here's my first ever ECW model. It's Warlord Games' Scots Covenanter 'Frame Gun'. I wanted it to be fairly 'subdued' and grubby in colour, and think I've succeeded. I think an army painted this way could look quite good, particularly when contrasted with a much more colourful Royalist Army.



Here are the tassels. Barring a bit of 'cleaning up' here and there with files and scalpel, I think we're about ready for primer - better fill that 'blow-hole' though!

Jumbo So Far!


Here's my next (and last?) Sassanid pachyderm - it's intended to lead my 'unit' of elephants - five jumbos in a row should look impressive! It uses various Aventine bits - their King's Elephant and mahout, plus a 'leather clad' tower and a 'scale-clad' standard-bearer/spearman from one of their elephant crews



Here's the tower, more or less finished. It needs a spot of weathering, and some 'bits and bobs' to make it look lived in, but is looking pretty good. Oddly, the highlighting on the roof doesn't really show up in the photos - it looks a bit more 'orange' and terracotta-like in real life. And I mean to add a bank and ditch (with palisade?) …

The Tower so far...


I've done the basic assembly of the 4Ground tower, including my new roof - which is, I think, looking pretty good. The 'tiles' on the roof apexes are actually little sections cut from wooden cocktail sticks of all things! The roof needs painting now, and I need to decide how much other detail painting I'm going to do. …

Roman Watchtower


I'm just starting work on the 4Ground Roman Limes Watchtower, which I bought from Warlord Games at the Phalanx show in St Helens last month. The one feature of the model which I don't like is the roof, so I'm scratch-building a fresh one. I bought some heavy, textured, paper from the art shop, printed a lot of strips of 'tiles' on it and spent a happy (?) …

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