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Another Building!


Yet another 'Dead Man's Hand' building from 4ground - two storeys this time. The ground floor will be the newspaper offices - 'The Enquirer', edited by a certain G. Bowers. Upstairs is the mayor's office - one E.D. Hogg - derived from the nickname of one of my wargaming mates. I need to tweak the colours of the signs a little in Intaglio and re-print them, but otherwise it's finished.



Here are the first citizens of 'Second Chance City'. They're made by 1st Corps for Battleflag. Painted by more or less my usual techniques, with the addition of some extra highlighting on the dark coloured areas, before 'doing the dip'.

A First Look


I decided to get out my 'desert' terrain cloth, and bung the first buildings for Second Chance City on it, to see how things were starting to shape up. I'm quite pleased with the 'dusty' look. Obviously, it needs more buildings, lots of accessories, and some figures. But it's a good start.

Timber Frame


Having sold both the Battleflag Old West buildings I built earlier, I have ordered myself more of the 4Ground Dead Man's Hand buildings. Once I've built those, I will have the beginnings of a decent little settlement - plenty big enough to stage a small gunfight.

This week I have built the larger of the two 4Ground unfinished buildings. …

Second Chance City


Here is my first Old West building from 4Ground's 'Dead Man's Hand' Range. The range is designed to compliment Great Escape Games' exciting newDead Man's Hand skirmish game.

As supplied, the buildings are quite nice - they're 'pre-painted' - which appears to mean that they paint the sheet of MDF before laser-cutting/etching it. …



Yesterday's effort - two sets of plastic barrels from Renedra. Before you comment - the 'hoops' looked to me far more like the 'old-fashioned' kind made from wooden 'withies' than the more modern iron bands, which is why they look as they do. I painted one set up as new barrels, the other as ones which have seen some service. …

Dead Man's Hand

I have acquired a copy of Great Escape Games's 'Dead Man's Hand' - which, from reading the descriptions put out byGreat Escape Games, aims to be a 'cinematic' skirmish game of gunfights set in the 'Old West' as mythologised by Hollywood. I have to say that, at first read through, it looks as though it should succeed in that aim. …

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