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2012's Last Model


This is the last thing I'm making this year. It's the Gunsmith's Shop from BattleFlag. I'm really impressed with the way it went together. It does take a bit of thinking about before starting, when you're not very used to building laser-cut models. But having done the requisite cogitating, it went together very well indeed. …

Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas everyone!

In some ways, this has been a fairly momentous year, wargaming-wise - for one thing, I've published a set of wargames rules. In other ways though, it hasn't been all that great. My painting mojo has been AWOL (Absent WithOut Leave) for far too long.

I have just been fifty, and the world didn't end - just as well, as my 50th was the day after the supposed end of the world. …



Hi folks, sorry for the long delay between posts. I have a number of excuses - being busy with real life, then being ill (I've got a stinking cold this week, following on from some sort of 'bug' last week), but really, a great big dose of 'can't be bothered' has been afflicting my wargaming life. …

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