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2013 in Review: a Work in Progress


This hasn't exactly been a 'vintage year' for my wargaming hobby. It has though, finished on a high, which is undoubtedly a good thing. Some of you may recall that, around last Christmas (i.e. 2012), I began, tentatively, a ‘Wild West’ project. I built a couple of buildings, and bought some Dixon Miniatures’ figures. …

Dead Man's Hand Citizens


Here is my latest attempt at daubing paint and grubby varnish on figures -Great Escape Games' 'Citizens'. Painting was the usual recipe - white primer, light/bright base-coats, a coat of Army Painter 'Strong Tone' Quick Shade and a squirt of Testors' Dull Cote. They're quite characterful figures. …

Sheriff's Office


Here's 4Ground's 'Feature Building 1 Marshal's Office', completed as a Sheriff's Office. I've touched up some of the paintwork, added some weathering, and 'tiled' the roof with 4Ground's shingles. The 'Feature Buildings' are a 'step up' in comparison to the other buildings - for one thing, all the internal doors open without my needing to resort to drill, pin vice and brass wire. …

Wu's Laundry


Here is yet another of 4Ground's fine pre-painted buildings for Dead Man's Hand - Side Street Building 3.

Those who're familiar with HBO's 'Deadwood' may realise what I'm 'up to' here - Mr Wu is the 'headman' of the Chinese contingent in Deadwood. I decided he should run a Chinese laundry in my town… He will, of course, keep pigs too - well, you've got to have some means of disposing of murder victims haven't you? …



Hurrah!!! I have my camera. And, to prove it, here are some Great Escape Games cacti. No 'dip' was used in the preparation of these cacti - base coat and drybrushing only.

And then we have some figures, also from Great Escape Games - first of all Lawmen:


And then Desperadoes:


The figures were painted by my usual method - white primer, followed by bright basecoats, a painted coat of Army Painter 'Strong Tone' Quick Shade 'dip', and lastly a squirt of Testors' 'Dull Cote'.

Life Without

…A camera is, quite frankly, considerably less fun than life with one, believe me. Despite being quite ill on and off since my last update, I have finished a few things off - another building, some cacti, and two more gangs, all for Dead Man's Hand, but I have no way to show them to you. Hopefully, sometime over the weekend, I shall be able to post some photographic updates to the site.

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