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Concord Infantry


And here, as I threatened, is a quick and dirty snapshot of my Concord infantry - four squads of five, and an extra squad leader - metal ‘freebie’ from the starter boxed set ‘Kai Lek Atastrin’.

Annual Review

At this time of year, I usually do a ‘review of the year’ - looking back at what I’ve achieved, wargaming-wise, over the past 12 months or so. This year has, on most fronts, been a real struggle, so this is going to be very short, and nothing like so well considered or well-written as usual.

The year has, in some ways, been defined by loss. …

Ghar Battle-suit


Here is my first Ghar. I want these models to look 'industrial' - the 'fluff' describes them as living only for war, and not doing 'aesthetics' at all - so I went for bare steel, with 'tungsten' tips to the limbs, brass piping and copper rivets.

Painting was pretty much how I always do it, but I find that Testors' Dull Cote is too matt for metallic subjects, so this has Vallejo Matt varnish instead, which has a slight sheen and allows the metal colours to still look metallic.



Here is the first test figure I’ve painted for the ‘Concord’ faction in Warlord Games’ ‘Beyond the Gates of Antares’ game. I painted it to test whether what I want to do will work. I think it will...

It's painted in more or less 'the usual way', except for a couple of things - I've primed it with Army Painter 'Skeleton Bone', and I've done a bit of highlighting before adding the 'dip'.

Desert Ruins


I found these ruins in my loft a couple of weeks ago… I bought them about ten years ago, and lost them in the loft. They resurfaced whilst I was looking for something else.

They're made by Monolith Designs. Steve Mussared, the owner, is one of the hobby's unsung 'good guys'… He's friendly, helpful, and supplies stuff very reliably (and quickly). …

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