Here is my latest cohort of Romans. I decided I needed a unit set up for skirmishing, so I used A&A Miniatures' 'Unarmoured Lanciarii'. I'm not really sure what Lanciarii were (and I don't think anyone else really knows either!), but the figures seem to 'work' as skirmishers. I might do another unit of skirmshers yet - but armoured this time - as I've still got enough spare figures for another cohort!

Next up is either some more Sassanid infantry, or some markers or tokens for the rules we're writing - we need to be able to mark 'disordered' and 'shaken' units. Something like abandoned shields or weapons should suffice, whilst not detracting too much from the 'look' of the game. I also need to bash out some more bits of scenery.

Copyright Dr. P.C. Hendry, 2010