Warlord Roman Cavalry with Spears

Warlord Games have just released some more Early Imperial Roman cavalry - with spears this time. They're slightly different from the original ones, the helmets are of slightly later designs and, obviously, they have spears instead of swords; the standard is different too.

I don't really need another unit of cavalry, so I'm going to change the shields (these are only blue-tacked in place), and add six of them to the cavalry I already have to make a proper quingenary ala (at the moment there are only ten in the original unit). Another four will be get shields the same as one of my infantry cohorts, which will become a cohors equitata (mixed, part-mounted, cohort). That leaves two, which may well become dispatch riders - I just need to find a couple of feathers to add to their spears.

Copyright Dr. P.C. Hendry, 2010