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Roman Cavalry

I have finished a unit ofRoman auxiliary cavalry. It's only 12 figures strong, when, using my notional figure:man ratio of 1:30, it ought to be 16 figures. But it's big enough for now (in fact, for my 1,000 point force, I only need 6 figures) - and maybe I'll add the other 4 at a later date. I've also painted up a

Home again

Well, hello again. We arrived back from our holiday last night, tired but nicely relaxed... And I woke up (at 05:00) with a headache, so yes, I can confirm that we're back to 'normal life'. Ready for another holiday already!

I haven't done a lot of wargaming stuff while away - I had been going to clean up all the rest of the figures for the two 1,000 point 'Fire in the East' forces, but in the event I only managed the lanciarii and the Roman cavalry (which are now primed and ready for paint once the primer is hard). …

Finished my Jumbo

This is probably my last blog entry for a few days - I am going away for a few days.

I have finished the first Sassanid elephant. Larger photos can be seen in mySassanid Photo Album. The model is an amalgam of different parts. Most of my army is fromA&A Miniatures, so I am using A&A elephant crew figures. …

My first Sassanid elephant assembled

My first Sassanid elephant assembled

After being stuck together - beginning to look the part. I've primed the models now, and hope to get on with painting them tomorrow.

Parts of my first Sassanid Elephant

Parts of my first Sassanid Elephant

A Gripping Beast elephant, A&A crew, and scratch-built howdah.

More Romans

Today I have finished some more Romans, which can be seen in theThird Century Roman Photo Album. They almost all have spears, instead of pila, as discussed in a blog entrya few days ago. The spears were obtained fromWarlord Games. Later, I shall probably mix the two units together, so as to have a mixture of pila and spears in each.



Monolith Designs Holy LandHL25-27Circular Watchtower with spiral stairway

Pila or Spears?

Over the past few days I have been spoilt for choice regarding what to paint next - rather like a kid in a sweetshop - so many goodies and unable to choose between them. But, in the end, I think I've decided. On the basis that you can never have enough Romans, I am cleaning up another cohort of legionaries. …

Busy, busy, busy!

Well, it has been a very busy week so far, and I have hardly even thought about painting, let alone had time to actually do any! I did receive some transfers from Steve atLittle Big Men Studiosyesterday. One set is a sheet of Sassanid banners - so amazingly colourful and beautifully drawn that I hardly like to use them! …

Today (12th August)

12th of August - hmm, first day of the grouse season! I don't know why I remembered that, but I did. I'd guess, there having been a fair bit of rain this summer, that it wasn't a particularly glorious 12th today - I seem to think that wee grouse babies don't do well in wet summers, so there probably weren't many birds to shoot.


Today I more-or-less finished the first couple of units for my Sassanid Persian Army - a group of City Militia spearmen, and another of archers. In WAB, these units can form ‘composite’ units, with either spearmen or archers in the front rank. The units, as can be seen here, are very small. A mis-translation of a primary source suggests that these troops were so poor that they had to be chained together in order to persuade them not to flee the field. …

A Credible Threat to the Empire!

During the Third Century, the Roman Empire was in an awful mess - a mess which nearly brought about its end on more than one occasion.

Just to set the scene, during the period we will call the Third Century (roughly 197 - 274 AD) there were about thirty emperors of varying degrees of legitimacy, and many more usurpers and would-be emperors. …

Beginning at the Beginning...

Apple’s ‘iWeb’ web page designing software thingy, is very nice, if a little limited in scope and unable to cope with big sites, as I found to my cost... Those who have been following myold blogwill be aware of the saga. So, I have changed to a new (to me!) package:Sandvox. Sandvox has some of the same limitations as iWeb, in terms of flexibility, but in other ways seems more 'grown-up'. …

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