Chris and Woodsy

I have neglected this blog for too long, and I apologise for that. The neglect has come about for a variety of reasons - primary among which has been the feeling that I had nothing worth saying - or that, when I did, I didn't seem to be able to get beyond the initial idea or the first few sentences of the 'story'. Here though, is a tale of God's love and grace, which deserves a bit of 'air-time'. And I need to write about it, to get some of it 'out of my system'.


Chris is a very dear friend, and has been for a very long time - right back to when she was a fairly junior doctor, working all hours at the RLI before she married her first husband. We have a lot of history, Chris, Linda and I. She was there at the still-birth of Charlie, our firstborn; and was a terrific source of God's strength, wisdom and love during those very dark times. I remember too, that she was really sorry that she got pregnant with her eldest, Anna, before Linda became pregnant with Tim - she so wanted us to have a child first. Linda and I feel as though we have journeyed together through life alongside Chris and the girls. Life has never been easy for Chris - for many years she always seemed to have been in the midst of some sort of disaster or problem. But she is full of God's grace and love, and emerged from each battle bruised and hurting, but never bitter and with her love for God and those around her evident. Even when things were at their toughest, she was still looking for ways to help and bless others.

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