New Wine 2012

A Retrospective Random Ramble

I had expectations about New Wine this year. I suspect that was unwise, given that God was involved, and he usually has better ideas than me about how my time should be spent. I was expecting to do a lot of worshipping, spend a lot of time hiding away with a book, and a bit of time sitting around the St. Tees campsite, not to mention Tony's Bar and Grill. I wasn't expecting to need ministry, nor to be ministering to others. Nor was I really (fool that I am) expecting God to speak clearly to me.

In some ways it was mildly disappointing - for one thing, until almost the last evening I found it very difficult to 'engage' - with both worship and teaching - it was as if I was blanketed in cotton wool. And the weather, whilst not disastrous, wasn't great. So the things I was expecting to enjoy, I didn't really. But there was good stuff too. Not least amongst the good was camping with the St. Tees family. I so rarely get time, amongst the busy-ness of church life, to get to know folk properly; to chat; share food and fun together. Amongst other things, drying up the Scammans' cutlery and crocks whilst Jon washed them gave me a chance for some chatter with him, which was great.

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