Casting Reason to the Winds

Reading my earlier post, it seems as if, in some ways, I 'took leave of my senses' and cast reason to the winds. In a sense, I suppose I did. In those days in the Elim Pentecostal Church, there was an expectation that you believed the whole bible - it was all true, and the implication, in becoming a Christian in that church, was that I did believe it all.

When I became a Christian, I had 'sorted out' some things in my head already - those difficult 'three way' conversations with Isobel and her dad. But there was a lot of stuff that I was, in the end, forced to 'take on trust'. Not long after becoming a Christian, I went off to university, as I said in my previous post. My initial aim was to get a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and then to join the army as an officer. That idea went out of the window fairly rapidly, for a variety of reasons, not least among which was that I became very interested in physics, and 'swapped' to become a physics major at the beginning of my second year. I then did a practical research project in low-temperature physics - studying some of the properties of superfluid liquid Helium. At that point, I knew what I 'wanted to be when I grew up' - a low temperature physicist. Which I became, gaining two higher degrees and spending many years working in a laboratory on experiments concerned with superfluid turbulence.


I'm sorry I've been quiet for so long. Firstly, it's been August, and I've been having time off from my role as churchwarden. I haven't, though, had time off from thinking. I have been wrestling with some thoughts, and a possible blog post… I still haven't decided whether to post it or not, but have sent it to a few people I respect, asking them for their opinion before making a final decision. It concerns homosexuality, gay marriage, and all that.

I do have one or two other posts 'up my sleeve' - hopefully they will gradually appear over the next few weeks. The first is going up now, and is a follow-on to the second of my 'testimony' posts.

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